AlphaPlugins needs a new button or icon

Panopticum1974 picked a winning design in their button or icon contest. For just $145 they received 53 designs from 6 designers.

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Runner-up design by trancevide
Runner-up design by whyt_
Runner-up design by Threesbaang

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


AlphaPlugins needs a new button or icon


plug-ins for Photoshop and etc

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

plug-ins for Photoshop and etc



Content details


Picture for software product. that will be place into about window and on web page with product description.

The picture should represent software product main idea. The software product - it is some application what lets to launch Photoshop's plug-ins under different hosts like Lightroom, Aperture, iPhoto and etc. (see the attached illustration as possible variant of needed picture). Or it is needed to play with company logo(see attach) or with product name (draft name is AlphaPlugins Launcher). Picture should be in Apple applications style.

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