The Pocket Testamant League needs a new brochure design

Khuske picked a winning design in their brochure contest. For just $299 they received 44 designs from 6 designers.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


The Pocket Testamant League needs a new brochure design


This is a fundraising brochure

Background information

Organization name

The Pocket Testamant League

Description of the organization and its target audience

This is a fundraising brochure. We print gospels and distribute around the world. We provide online evangelism training.



Content details


This brochure needs to draw people into the ministry... get them excited about the life change that happens when you read the bible. Showcase our beautiful gospel covers.

I don't want too much text on any page. Incorporate images and text... I like white space too...

8 1/2 by 11(or 8 by 10) whichever would print most cost efficiently... horizontal (landscape) brochure that can be given to people who might be interested in donating to support the printing of 1 million gospels to be given away free in the US.

We have many different gospel covers to choose from to incorporate into the design (images attached) . Attached is a full description and content.

I like the attached Billy Graham brochure because the pages have a variety of styles and they put the content over some of the images. I like that.

Please visit and see what we are about. On you'll see what we give away (We don't sell anything)

The logo is always up against a dashed line (like stitching in jeans) or against a screen back gray color - see letter in attached for example.

On the back cover we need this info:

READ CARRY SHARE (and a trademark symbol) along with our web address

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