WANTED: A Super Creative Designer To Make My Book Look Like A Best Seller. Is That You? 

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WANTED: A Super Creative Designer To Make My Book Look Like A Best Seller. Is That You? 


Design a great cover for "PROSPECTING BREAKTHROUGH For Real Estate"

Background information

Organization name

Brand You Coaching

Description of the organization and its target audience

We coach and train real estate agents in the power of personal branding and owning their niche. We teach them how to become better at prospecting for new clients (i.e. people wanting to sell their home). We teach them permission marketing.


Real Estate & Mortgage

Content details


The book cover I require is for an ebook that I will be using to generate leads for my coaching business. It will be offered as a free download via my website.

Here are the details of the ebook cover...


Sub-Title: The 3 Reasons Why Your Prospecting Isn't Working & 7 Hot Tips To Fix It

Author: Peter Hutton

What it is about: 'Prospecting Breakthrough' shows real estate agents why they're prospecting isn't working and how to fix it.

The premise of the book is: 95% of agents are being ignored by prospective home sellers wanting to sell because their prospecting is based on the old traditional method of 'interruption marketing', e.g. cold calling and door knocking. The alternative to this is 'permission marketing' where by you build a relationship with your prospects before attempting to sell to them.


-- PROSPECTING BREAKTHROUGH must be bold and most prominent. However, the sub-headline must also be big enough to be easily readable.

-- also need a hi res version for printing

-- also need a photo realistic 3D cover design showing front and spine


-- a big part of this book shows agents that cold calling no longer works as well as it used to. In fact any form of 'interruption prospecting and marketing' generally drives prospects away. Agents using the traditional method to prospect are becoming increasingly frustrated by the poor results this method is creating. So I'm thinking an image maybe of someone who looks like a real estate agent on the phone and looking very frustrated. However, I'd love you to be creative. The bottom line is, we need to get across in the cover the pain and frustration real estate agents are experiencing due to their prospecting not working and breaking free of that.

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