print or packaging design for AJLewis

Ajlewis1 picked a winning design in their book cover contest. For just $395 they received 123 designs from 30 designers.

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print or packaging design for AJLewis


I'm a writer

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I'm a writer.


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The front cover should have rain falling pretty much straight down. I want it in dark blues, grays, and blacks. The back cover needs to match my picture of the Jessica with the angle of the rain. It needs to be one-point perspective.

On what will be the back cover, there's going to be a spaceship (a modernized one that doesn't look like some retro Roswell B movie thing but patterned off of the Blackbird from the X-Men movies or an F-22, only large enough to be a space shuttle.) I included an image I made in Sketchbook pro. I'd like it to look cooler and more photorealistic, I guess, while maintaining the general dimensions. The windscreen needs to be at least this big. However, I want it to maintain a smooth appearance, not like a 3-D image pasted over an actual photograph of a rainstorm.

The working title is Ode to Atlantis. The 'A' in Atlantis needs to be a triangle composed of six dots on each side. I'm not sure wether I want a metallic gray font or white. I want the image of the spaceship to pull double-duty as an HD wallpaper as well.

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