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    thank you for your response. the brief does not tell me the genders of the characters so i'm going to assume there is only one female and i'm guessing Keris.

    Good point, Donna. I will amend the brief. Keris and Shann are female. Lyall and Alondo are male. Alondo is the one with that hat! It's bright red and wide brimmed - not unlike a musketeer hat! They are all Kelanni. Boxx is a Chandara (a totally different race). It does not have a gender until you get to Book Three of the saga! See the brief for its description. Any questions, please ask.

    now when you said the characters look too human would you rather have them look a little like the aliens we see in most syfy books and movies. large eyes and very small mouths.

    No, definitely not! I don't want "greys"!!! It's just that Kelanni has lower gravity, so they would be thinner, and more lithe in appearance than most humans, together with longer faces and more pointed chins. that's how I picture them. In your first draft, the guy is too hunky and bare chested is just wrong in this setting, and the lady is too voluptuous - again not in keeping with the story, sorry. To me it says "Alien Romance" and that is not what we want here.

    the ship i'm having problems with. do you want something like a clipper or more steam punk.

    Neither really. Kelanni society on this side of the planet has a level of civilization corresponding to 1500-1550 A.D. Sailing ships and primitive galleon-type vessels. But it needs to be "alienized". The best example I can think of, albeit an imperfect one, is the sand ships featured in the Martian Chronicles, if you saw that movie. We are not talking about vessels that move on sand here, and I don't want to rip off the ships from that movie, but it's an example of a sailing ship that looks obviously alien in design.

    the character with the six appendages has a hat? what kind are you thinking of.

    No, you are getting confused with Boxx, the Chandara - the woodlouse-like creature with six legs. It has no clothes. Alondo is the one with the hat and he is Kelanni. The hat itslf is described above.

    i will have to draw the cape in. i'm unable to find any clothing with a cape. how long is the cape? does it have a symbol.

    The "cape" is actually a flying cloak, with a lodestone mechanism in the shoulders. The cloak would reach down and cover your butt :-) It is pitch black. No symbol.

    the stars or suns you are talking about. are they just bright lights? with a stormy sky are they going to be able to see them or just a hint. i'm going to have to assume they are different sizes but how large do you want them.

    Ail-Kar, the white star is a brilliant point of white light. Ail-Gan, the yellow star is about the size of our sun. As for how they fit into a stormy sky and how much is visible, I am happy to leave that to you, according to what works best from a design point of view. please note that the prevailing colours of the sky are crimson, orange and gold - not blue

    i guess the green i have used is too yellow? do you like the hair or would you prefer something more human.

    I agree the green is too yellow, although some variation in the characters' skin tone would be nice. I actually like the hair from a design point of view, although the hair colours are wrong - check the individual character descriptions in the brief.

    If I can help with anything else, let me know.