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Help Feedback from the Kidhack K-12 by Lori Caruso with a new book or magazine cover


Feedback from the Kickhack K-12 is a book geared to young readers (ages 10-14)

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Feedback from the Kidhack K-12 by Lori Caruso

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Feedback from the Kickhack K-12 is a book geared to young readers (ages 10-14). It is the story of a young person who rides a rural school bus from kindergarten to the 12th grade. This child is the last pickup on the route, therefore never having the choice of who to sit next to, but rather the opportunity to learn from whatever circumstance is presented. Each chapter presents events young people face during those years: bullying, cheating, report cards, jealousy,obesity,school pictures, school dances, and even death. The characters do not have treaditinoal names but are identified by what they represent: PAIN, JOY, PATIENCE, SORROW, COURAGE,etc. Each chapter begins with a quote and ends with a lesson.
Kidhack is the name given in the 1800 to the hack wagons sent out to collect school children, a.k.a., the first school bus! This book is designed for both at home and classroom discussion as well as blogging for young persons about feelings and events they deal with daily. Get on board the kidhack! Kids need all the help they can get!



Content details


I am looking to capture the readers attention with this title that is a bit odd. First thoughts may conjour up visions of murder or violence because of the "kidhack". The word came from the 1800's as reference to the wagons that transported the rural children to the school house. Research tells us that the hard K sound stays in the subconscious mind longer (think Coca- cola, Kodak, ect.).
I was envisioning an actual bus with the character names such as IMAGINATION, COURAGE,CONSIENCE,PEACE,MATURITY, etc. in each seat of the bus. CONSIENCE always sits directly behind the driver (who is never identified).
Besides the obvious bus as a symbol, shoes and a notebook are also important visuals.
I'm not married to any specific idea. Something to catch the most elusive reader of all- young people! Good luck!



Remember when you were in middle school? What would have intrigued you then? What frightened you? What comforted you? I want to reader to know they are not alone in the trip, whether on a bus, in a van, a car, or on a train. I'm targeting student readers as well as the teachers, as I hope this story will encourage discussion about feelings. I'm targeting middle schoolers from all over!