EMPOWERED Possibilities: Living Your Best Life at Any Age (Book Cover Needed)

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EMPOWERED Possibilities: Living Your Best Life at Any Age (Book Cover Needed)


EMPOWERED Possibilities: Living Your Best Life at Any Age

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Waterman Communities

Description of the organization and its target audience

The Waterman Communities Foundation, Inc. financially supports community benefits that EMPOWER people to "Live Their Best Lives" at any age. Based out of Waterman Communities, a retirement community, the foundation is dedicated to help seniors "Live Their Best Life at any age" through the EMPOWERED possibilities acronym:

E - Engagement. People who truly want to empower possibilities in their lives are not satisfied to simply be spectators. They want to be part of the action, they are focused on being part of the solution, they participate.

M - Matter and make a difference. It’s about the importance of leaving a legacy you can be proud of, having a mission in your life that is based on your natural talents, skills and preferences. Above all, it assures that in any stage and in any position of life you are needed.

P - Preserve your physical fitness. This requires a combined and balanced approach of exercise and proper nutrition. The good news here is that it is never too late and you are never too old to benefit from exercise and eating right. It is also true that it is never too early.

O - Optimize your opportunities with a positive attitude. The many benefits of a positive attitude include better health, a longer more satisfying life, more and better friendships and greater success.

W - Worshiping and having faith in a higher power leads inevitably to a tremendous sense of peace that improves the quality of your life and increases its quantity.

E - Expand your brain power. Learn something new every day. Try something new; explore places you’ve never been before; empower your life with a sense of adventure. A pattern of lifelong learning not only assures that you are up to date but may also reduce or even eliminate the risks of losing mental capacity as you age.

R - Relationships. It is very difficult to succeed in business or any other part of your life without a good network of contacts. The quality of your friendships and the variety of contexts in which you make and keep them have a tremendous impact on your ability to empower your possibilities.


Community & Non-Profit

Content details


We need a book cover that targets seniors, but is not totally exclusive of that audience. 

Title -- EMPOWERED Possibilities: Living Your Best Life at Any Age 

Author -- Dale Lind

We need something that illustrates the EMPOWERED acronym (explained in "what organization does" but basically about whole person health). Would prefer a more classic color scheme: navy, cream, burgundy, hunter green, etc. This book needs to have a timeless feel to it with a very clean design.

Additional wording, Picture of Dale Lind (author), logo, and barcode on back cover.

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