Dynamic Book Cover needed for Christian Fiction 

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Contest title


Dynamic Book Cover needed for Christian Fiction 


ChildRefuge is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to future of youth within churches across the United States

Background information

Organization name


Description of the organization and its target audience

Child Refuge is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to future of youth within churches across the United States. Child Refuge exists to invest directly in the lives of youth and families.



Content details


Book Cover Design
Final Trim Size: 5.5 X 8.5 inches

The Title of the book is: The Glimpse

The premise of the book is a story of hope and survival amidst Christian persecution. The story has many dark elements of Christians being oppressed, but there is also a strong underground church surviving and growing. (A great example is the current underground churches in China and North Korea). The main characters have been transported supernaturally to this world. Although they are willing to help, and have accepted that God sent them there for a purpose, they have a strong desire to get back to their lives as they know it.

The best design will create a quick, vibrant first impression that is highly inviting to the potential reader to pick up and explore. It should not look like a horror book. Must also look attractive as a thumb picture for the e-book version.

Cover will be printed in full color front and back.

* Proof of the copyright/license to any images used
* Identification of all fonts used
* Completed file from original software (for this cover)
background without text in lossless graphic format (so we can modify it for softcover, hardcover, etc -- unless image is already included in separate layer in above file)
* A vector image of the title text (so we can reproduce it on the inside title page in black and white)

Christian readers

WORDS IN {Brackets} are descriptions of elements. NO WORDS IN {Brackets} SHOULD ACTUALLY APPEAR ON THE COVER

-The Glimpse
-{subtitle} When hope seems lost, can faith be found?
-{Author} Grant Carroll

- Carroll
- The Glimpse

3 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum

Include room for 3 short endorsements.

{Author Bio}
1 paragraphs of Lorem Ipsum

ISBN Bar Code (lower right hand corner)
Price: $14.99 U.S. (placed above bar code)

* Less is more.
* The design should be simple enough to identify as a web thumbnail
* I like More visual than textual

This is a "spiritual" theme but should not use overtly religious symbols such as angels, crosses, etc. This is a fiction book and there is a "clashing" of darkness and light. It would be great if the book cover had this element.

Although the title is "The Glimpse", this is metaphorical. I don't want eyeballs, for example. It simply means they are "glimpsing" into the future of the Church.

IMAGE SUGGESTIONS:I don't have a specific concept for the artwork/photo work and are looking for a creative idea.  I'm picturing the images to be almost dreamlike and abstract. I want the mood to be dark and eerie yet with hope, represented by light. 

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