Design an exotic, Nepal-themed travel book cover

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Design an exotic, Nepal-themed travel book cover


Capture a sense of Nepal's culture and adventure in the look and feel

Background information

Organization name

Dan Thompson

Description of the organization and its target audience

I publish my own travel books from around the world.


Travel & Hotel

Content details


The title of the book is:

Following Whispers: Walking on the Rooftop of the World in Nepal's Himalayas

This is a book about trekking in Nepal. It is modeled after ther book "The Places In Between".

The book cover should be for 6x9 (spine width to be determined, but it will be about the width provided in the attached template).

The look of the book should be exotic. My preference is that the attached font, Ananda Namaste be used for the title and some text only if it works well.

I am including other covers that I like and a back cover description of the book for the designer to see.

Looking for vivid colors that aren't overwhelming, but project the magic of Nepal.

Back cover should incorporate "group.jpg" file in a similar concept to the "placesinbetween.jpg" group photo for the cover of the Spaces In Between book. I will provide a file that deletes the timestamp at project completion.

I also like the texture in the PrinceoftheMarshes.jpg behind the red color. Perhaps something like that would be good for solid colors on the back cover, etc.

"logo.psd" is for the bottom part of the spine (without Eurotrotter text)

Final product will need to conform to Amazon Createspace cover specifications:

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