Design a cover for a Young-Adult novella featuring a Princess.

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I am highly pleased with my experience in 99designs. It is a wonderful place for clients to find artists and for artists to find clients! I will be returning to my winning artist for additional work.
- Anita Valle

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Design a cover for a Young-Adult novella featuring a Princess.


I need a beautiful princess done in realistic or semi-realistic art.

Background information

Organization name

Anita Valle

Description of the organization and its target audience

I write novels for young adults, ages 12-18.


Art & Design

Content details


1. I need a cover for a Young Adult novella. Dimensions will be 6 x 9 inches. I need a PSD file with unlocked layers.
2. Cover should depict a princess about 18 years old. Head and shoulders, or head and torso only.
3. Realistic or semi-realistic art, but not a photograph. A photo that is modified to look like art is okay.
4. White skin. Dark brown eyes. Medium brown hair, wavy, and pinned up, not too neatly. I've attached a photo to indicate the type of hairstyle, but use it as a very loose guide.
5. The princess is making eye contact with the viewer. Looks intelligent. Not smiling - she has a serious nature.
6. I think I prefer a 3/4 shot rather than her squarely facing the viewer, but that is flexible.
7. Simple gold tiara.
8. Simple but elegant medieval gown in pink tones. For example, the bodice can be raspberry and the sleeves a paler pink. Tight-fitting sleeves, not puffy. If her hands are shown, the sleeves should reach all the way to her knuckles. Gown's neckline should be scalloped but no exposed cleavage.
9. She is holding a medieval-style book. The book is not meant to be the focal point so it can be understated.
10. Text: The book is called MAELYN and should be largest on the cover. In smaller type, the words THE NINE PRINCESSES NOVELLAS since this is part of a series. Author's name is ANITA VALLE. Since I'm not Nora Roberts, my name can be understated.
11. For the word MAELYN use a decorative, script-style font, but not so fancy that it's difficult to read. I like the font 'Precious' from but I am open to suggestions.
13. EDIT: No need to do a back cover. I know what I want to do for it and can do it myself. 

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