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Contest title


Create the next book or magazine cover for Talent Spring Management


authors of book: "Catch Them if You Can! How Any Manager Can Win the War for Talent in the Global Labor Shortage"

Background information

Organization name

Talent Spring Management

Description of the organization and its target audience

authors of book: "Catch Them if You Can! How Any Manager Can Win the War for Talent in the Global Labor Shortage".

This is a non-fiction business book on employee recruitment. But the book is NOT a textbook, and the target market is NOT recruiters or human resources people. Instead, the typical buyer/reader is a business leader who manages a staff, yet know very little about recruitment. The message is: You CAN find world-class employees, if you adjust your thinking. 

Important: The book is written in a narrative format with characters (managers) who move through a storyline and learn about talent management from the proverbial "sage". In that respect, it is similar to business books written by Patrick Lencioni (if you want to Google him and his books). Or click here to view the covers of other narrative non-fiction books:…nonfiction


Business & Consulting

Content details


Our book has been available on Amazon for several years, but we now wish to turn it into an e-book. We feel it is time for a completely revised, fresh cover. Here is a link to the listing, so you can get a sense of the work and the old cover design.…484018/ref

The new look should be business oriented, since the book contains tips and worksheets for managers. But it should also be "inviting" and "approachable." After all, it is a book about winning over people, not driving sales and crushing competitors.

The photo should be of a small group of people who (1) work are workers in various industries, not just white-collar office professionals, and (2) people who are multi-racial (ie. whilte, black, Asian, Latino) since this book is about winning the GLOBAL war for talent. 

In the title, make sure to offset the word "if" and punch up the "You Can" since the message is inspiring and positive....that managers CAN win the war for talent. 

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