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Create the next book or magazine cover for Oxford Lighthouse Press


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Oxford Lighthouse Press

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We would like a book cover designed that captures the essence of what we are trying to convey in our book which is a Backdoor into Harvard. We have a step by step outline that anyone can use to get admitted regardless of their SAT score, GPA or Background.

The title of the Book is "Backdoor Into Harvard: How to Get Admitted to Harvard Despite Your GPA, SAT Score, & Background"

Some of our thoughts include a the use of an old fashioned deadbolt as one of the letters with a golden 3d old fashioned key resting at the bottom of the cover with an illustration that the key had been used and the door in the background to Harvard had been opened.

Colors: Crimson Red - : #C90016) (RGB: 201, 0, 22) should be used and Large White Letters for the Text (preferable). Its important the the words "Backdoor Into Harvard" be very large.

We need a copy of the original Vector Graphics file

Also we need 2 thumbnail versions of the book one for a checkout section of the site and one for the front page of our site which is

Whoever we choose would be considered in the future for other graphic related jobs.