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Contest title


Book Title: Powerful Thinking on Purpose. Be Creative! Design Wendy Merron's upcoming bestselling book!


Powerful Thinking on Purpose (What you need when positive thinking doesn't work.) How to BE More Positive and GET More of What

Background information

Organization name

Wendy Merron

Description of the organization and its target audience

I teach people how to harness the power of their thoughts and subconscious mind.



Content details


Powerful Thinking on Purpose

small text here: (What you need when positive thinking doesn't work.)

How To BE More Positive
and GET More of What You Want


Final book size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: approx. 125
Full Color
To be printed by
Front and back cover needs to be designed

Also want cover in format to use for e-book and pdf book.


Powerful Thinking on Purpose: How to BE MORE Positive and GET MORE of What You Want.

If you are interested in reading my book (it's a short fun read) to help you with the design, I will be happy to send it to you.
You'll need to email me for this.

I'm not sure of what I want, but am thinking that simple and powerful is the way to go. Think about a book that gives you an understanding of how your subconscious mind works? A book that teaches you an amazing technique that can help you feel more optimistic and positive every day.

What might it look like? Feel like?


Once I have the exact size from the publisher, I will send to the winner.

The back cover will have a small photo of me, description of book and bar code.

After I receive testimonials back from readers and celebrities I will send info to be added to the back too.


This is not a book about serenity, calm, peaceful, meditative thoughts. It's about THINKING DIFFERENTLY!

Please use your imagination.

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