New book or magazine cover wanted for The Zharmae Publishing Press

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Contest title


New book or magazine cover wanted for The Zharmae Publishing Press


TZPP is a genre fiction book publisher, our focus is on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action & Adventure, Mystery, Romance

Background information

Organization name

The Zharmae Publishing Press

Description of the organization and its target audience

TZPP is a genre fiction book publisher, our focus is on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Action & Adventure, Mystery, Romance.

Content details


Trade Paperback book Cover Design

12.75" wide x 9" high
1/8" bleed

Colors: CMYK
Fonts: Simple, yet elegant... fonts used for typesetting the book are Felix-Tilting and California FB. Please consider this when choosing cover fonts.

Logo on Spine needs to POP with color.
Use any color except black... the logo color needs to sharply contrast with the rest of the book cover color scheme.

On Front:
Main Title: False Impressions
Sub Title: A Steve Landau Thriller / Mystery / Story /Novel
(you pick) OR Nothing at all... (ie., don't use a sub title).
Written by Stanley Woods-Frankel --Author text needs to be large
and prominent.

Cover is a Wrap cover. The theme is Dark Murder Mystery.

We are not looking for art, per se... rather a simply, spine tingling set of teeth/fangs (spectacular canines, but human in origin)... bone would be nice, although some other substance is possible for use. Maybe a nice thrilling drop of blood coming off a canine (large human) tooth...

Think vampire fang, but know that this story does NOT involve vampires.

Possibly a Shadowy, Menacing, Physically in Shape, Male Silhouette in the background with the teeth/fangs in the frontal position.

Please use your imagination... we want something simple, elegant, yet seriously spine-chilling.

Zharmae Namesake Logo at Top
Verticle Title to include Main (and Sub, if used) Title(s)
Vertical OR Horizontal Last Name of Author at Bottom - shoot for a spine text max width of .75 (this could widen or shrink later).

Last Name would be: Woods-Frankel

Back Cover:
Back Text Copy Paragraphs (this will probably change!)
Cover Artist/Designer Name in a small (5 pt), elegant font - white or similar
Barcode/ISBN image to go on bottom right corner of back cover page
If necessary, Designer/Artist Copyright to go along bottom border in 5 point font - white or similar
TEXT: Spine-Chilling Together at --- small, elegant, above barcode/isbn

I will upload the logo, text, barcode/isbn image file for your use. Please direct any questions to us here.

The items that must not change are the Heavy Emphasis on the Author Name, the Logo needing to POP with color (and contrast with the book color scheme), the spine placement items and barcode/isbn location.

Other than items specified above, as long as the item is on its page location, placement location on that area is up to you, the designer.

Your choice of font, color, spacing, location, etc. will be the visible representation of this company and its products, as well as a statement of your creativity.

This book is about a forensic dentist called in to consult with NYPD on a series of grisly where the killer is savagely biting the victims. The killer is a physically powerful man. False Impressions is a play on many things - dentistry, the killer's methodology, and other misleading pieces of evidence strewn throughout the story line. Hmmm... think about photographic negatives to better understand... they are basically false impressions of the actual picture...

NOTE: The Back Cover Text may change! Please allow for this likelihood.

May the most creative designer win!

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