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New book or magazine cover wanted for Pavilion Books


Publisher eBooks, print books

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Pavilion Books

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Publisher eBooks, print books

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From: Pavilion Books/ Roderic H. Blackburn
Topic: Summary of proposed book for solicitation of eBook and hard print cover
Title: Taxi and Bun
Author: Hank Meeske
Size: 76,000 words / mystery
Format size: 9x6” eBook and print soft cover.

1 mystery
2 light suspense
3 light humor
4 general, werewolf fans, big framed ice cream loving female werewolf addicts
5 loving couple, interested in food each other and determined to solve a mystery
6 werewolf wants victims but has soul
7 small rural town
8 medical knowledge of strange symptoms
9 serial murders
10 werewolf rips victims apart
11 killers are all male

Author’s preferences for cover: A simple primary color scheme. The background can be silver or light gray. Taxi and Bun are rendered as two cartoon figures waist up, very over-weight adults, perhaps in the style of the comic pages "Cathy" character [internet search for this]. She is wearing a yellow top, he a blue shirt. They are each holding large servings of food - hotdogs, wedges of layer cake, a pint of Hagen Daz or whatever. They are each looking toward center and up with big staring eyes. Between them and somewhat above is a more realistic scary leering drooling toothy wolf's head in black with a red tongue and huge white fangs..........

Publisher’s preference: feel free to take some liberties with what you know will be appealing and appropriate for a cover which will work for an eBook and later for a print cover/spine,back cover.

In the nineteen thirties the alcoholic Nick and his sophisticated wife Nora Charles in the Thin Man series had wide appeal to post prohibition movie goers. Perhaps many of today’s mystery readers will enjoy curling up with a loving couple of chubby crime solvers with whom they can identify while digging into a pint or two of Hagen Das.
Theresa Angelina Xenia Imperialli - nicknamed Taxi - is big, bold and beautiful. Robert Ulysses Neville – called Bun by his friends – is equally king-sized. They meet, eat, and within weeks fall madly in love, marry and embark on a romantic honeymoon in a secluded country cottage. Nothing could be finer, until they discover a savagely murdered girl’s body in the guest room.
A mélange of quirky characters appear at their kitchen door including nosy neighbors, busy-bodies with good intentions, helpful snoops, a bungling assistant deputy and his hard drinking uncle the sheriff. They bare greetings, snacks and gossip concerning a trail of mayhem dating back to the early nineteen-sixties. The resident serial killer is apparently a werewolf who is almost an accepted part of the small town’s heritage.
Caught up in the investigation, as residents of the crime scene, Taxi and Bun manage to infiltrate and become part of the local sheriff’s investigation by mentoring the naive deputy. Taxi discovers a significant clue: the murderer has left traces of purple urine at the crime scene. The unusual symptom indicates a rare physical condition known as porphyria. Most sufferers of porphyria have a range of unpleasant physical symptoms, especially extreme sensitivity when exposed to sunlight. In exceptional cases they learn that porphyria has been associated with an even rarer condition of psychiatric complications related to sociopathic lycanthrope. The grisly and violent nature of the perpetrator’s acts fit with the clinical description of what is more generally known as werewolfism.
Taxi traces the history of porphyria and lycanthrope on her laptop. She manages to relate the disease to the earlier cases in the town through old newspapers, recollections and the original police reports. A significant part of the problem is reconciling a criminal path that includes gaps of forty and sixteen years between events. The paper trail suggests several of the town’s leading citizens are possible suspects. The sheriff calls in all the local sources of gossip and information as the search intensifies. Their combined efforts lead to an unexpected revelation connecting the various threads that solves the case.

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