New book or magazine cover wanted for Book author is arthur gonzalez, YA novel THE PHOTO TRAVELER

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New book or magazine cover wanted for Book author is arthur gonzalez, YA novel THE PHOTO TRAVELER


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Book author is arthur gonzalez, YA novel THE PHOTO TRAVELER

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YA fiction. I am currently looking for cover art for book 1 of 2 (possibly 3) in a series.


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I am looking for a full book cover (front, back, and spine) for my Book ‘The Photo Traveler’.

About my book:
Gavin Hillstone is the main character. He is a17 year old high school student and lives in a small part of Nevada, and is naturally obsessed with photography. Gavin is adopted at the age of 4 when his parents were pronounced dead in a fire, and was always told as a child that no other relatives existed. This adopted family turns out to be very physically and verbally abusive towards him his entire life, contributing to him becoming a loner and outsider who has difficulties trusting others and showing emotions. When a major physical encounter erupts between he and his adopted father, Jet, he ends up uncovering that he indeed has grandparents that exist in Washington D.C. and leaves his “home” in Nevada in search of his family, and find out the reason as to why they never claimed him.
To sum up some major plot points- Gavin establishes the relationship with his grandparents, Estelle and Bud, and ends up staying with them. They explain the truth as to why they never claimed him. He learns he is part of a small group of individuals, called Photo Travelers who have the ability to time travel by means of photos and images. The ability comes from a set of crystal vials that have a purple fluid that float in the middle of the vial (as if they are defying gravity.) The liquid is bright and stunning.
Very important- when photo travelers are traveling, their eyes turn the same bright purple as this liquid.
There are 5 crystals in total, one belonging to each of the photo traveling families. His grand parents tell him of the dangers about those who have been after them for the crystals- one of them being a fellow photo traveler. It is believed that the person who attains all 5 crystals will be able to time travel without any limitations (meaning past and future), without the means of photos of images. And this person wants that power.
They explain they believe one of these people are responsible for actually causing the fire to his parent’s home, and that his parents most likely did not die, but escaped through a photo in an attempt avoid death.

Also, there is a cult of European Photo travelers, called the Peace Hunters, who are extremists and go back in time to rectify moments in the name of peace. They want the crystals to change time from the very beginning, in order to bring peace to mankind. They will do whatever possible to attain this.
Gavin also relives the relationship he never had with his parents, by means of old photos. (even visiting them when his mother is pregnant with him.) Through this relationship he uncovers clues as to where they may have escaped in the fire. He travels to 1692 Salem, during the Salem Witch Trials and uncovers a major clue which may lead him to his parents, but in the process is almost hung for being a witch himself.
He then travels to New York, in the winter, during the Great Depression in the 1930’s, where he finally finds his parents.
He ends up photo traveling to the picture of ‘Starry Nights’, as well as several other places after getting a job at one of the Smithsonian museums.
A lot happens here and throughout the novel, but ultimately Gavin also falls in love with his new Best Friend’s, Mario, cousin. Her name is Alanna, but unfortunately tragically passed away 12 years back. He visits her and falls in love with her, and becomes intimate with her. When he returns, he is introduced to Mario’s family and Mario’s his nephew, Edwin. Edwin has Alanna’s heart-shaped lips and Gavin’s Almond-shaped eyes. Gavin discovers, among other examples, that by going back in time, he now has a son that is 6 years younger than he is.
In the end he discovers who it is who is after he and his family and kills her off, only to find out it was his sister (she, nor he, had any clue about this connection.) His father had an affair many years back with her mother.
The Peace Hunters, in the end of the novel, end up kidnapping his son Edwin, where the book ends.

The summary is very blotchy, but it should be enough to design a cover. If you have any questions, fire away!

What I am looking for is for BOTH the print and eBook cover

My ideas are listed below, but I am in no way limiting anyone’s creative input (the more the merrier!!) →

 1. I would like the underlying, main color of the novel to be black or gray (something dark).  I had in mind, a glowing purple eye (with Gavin’s almond shaped eyes) that almost encompasses the entire cover. Somehow I would like to infuse a photo or something in there that signifies the premise behind the book, photo traveling (possibly in a reflection against the eye?).

2. I also liked the idea of Gavin’s camera (the Canon 7D) on the front cover with the wide lens, and off to one side, one of the purple eyes can be shown?

3. There can be a collage of all the places he visits?  

4. Maybe a series of negatives?

5. Possibly even the crystals can be incorporated, but whatever feels organic. I don’t just want all these things thrown in. ☺


The title of the Book is “The Photo Traveler”.

The author’s name should be All lower case ‘arthur gonzalez’.

Back of book, leave enough room for a synopsis of the book (you can just write SAMPLE TEXT repeatedly). Obviously a small piece for the bar code, and an area for website.

Spine: my last name and the title of the book, and POSSIBLY an icon that represents the story, so when someone sees it just from the spine’s angle, anyone can recognize it.

Product Dimensions: 8 x 5.2 x 0.7 – 0.9 inches (pick up a paperback novel for The Hunger Games; THAT size.)

I would like PSD file, layers unlocked and a Jpg image of the completed cover art. ☺

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