Book cover wanted for short story collection

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Book cover wanted for short story collection


Darkly Comic Book Cover Contest

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Six Slug Books

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Publisher of fiction aimed at an alternative, independent, literary audience.


Entertainment & The Arts

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Hello, I have a short story collection I am planning on calling "This Is Where It Gets Interesting" and am in need of a cover design which will include an image, my full name: John H. Matthews and the title.

I believe a photographic image would work best, though am open to ideas. I'm not looking for "cartoony" art work.

The cover image should attract attention and be recognizable when reduced to a thumbnail image size. Simple, uncluttered and elegant will work best.

Objects/situations will be preferred to people. If a person is included it's better that their face not be in view.

This is NOT a genre (occult, romance, horror, mystery, crime, etc.) book, so I realize the challenge here is difficult.

The cover can be humorous as much of my work has a playful side to it. It could also be more serious in nature, alluding to something off-center or extraordinary.

The stories range widely in subject and mood but here is the text I am planning for the back cover:

Psychics working at the DMV. Horror show hosts vying for superiority at the local fast food chain. A summer fest featuring chili that returns the dead to life. Miracle product gurus and a talking tornado.

You’ll find these strange and original stories in This Is Where It Gets Interesting, the new, darkly comic collection by John H. Matthews.

Delivering a world where the supernatural often collides with the everyday, these tales are insightful, twisted and hilarious.

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