book cover for "The Truth About Amazing Kids     If Moms & Dads Only Knew..."

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99designs was great. They actually answer the phone and answered my questions!!
- Christine Rich Hanson

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book cover for "The Truth About Amazing Kids     If Moms & Dads Only Knew..."


Parenting book from the perspective of dance

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Christine Rich Hanson

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Design for a softcover book and PDF - already has rave reviews from parents and dance professionals. This unique take on parenting and raising exceptional children attracts both parents and teachers alike.


Entertainment & The Arts

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Loaded with real life stories from the dance studio world, we learn that for a child to truly succeed in dance - and in life - the parent has to do more than just pay for dance lessons! The Hanson Method introduces revolutionary techniques for raising exceptional children - teaching parents to encourage their children, manage themselves and their communication, and avoid meltdowns - leading to truly supporting their child in a meaningful and loving way.

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