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Book Cover Design for YA Novel about SIRENS


I am a debut author needing a book cover for my YA novel, Serenade

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Emily Kiebel

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I am a debut author needing a book cover for my fictional YA novel, Serenade.


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Book cover (front, spine, and back) to be published on Amazon, Kindle, e-books and paperback trade fiction.-I am looking for a book cover (PDF file I believe?) that will confirm to Amazon's Create Space publishing requirements (

Title: Serenade
Author: Emily Kiebel

TRIM SIZE: 5.5" x 8.5"
(13.97 x 21.59 cm

My novel, Serenade, is targeted to young adult readers. It is about a college age woman who discovers she is a siren and has certain powers. She is a caucasian with long, brown, slightly curly hair. Sirens, who have been misunderstood for so long, are tasked with leading doomed sailors to death, although they are not evil entities. They are beautiful, but normal human women, who transform somewhat when they are called to comfort the dying at sea by singing and leading them into death. When the sirens transform, their skin is luminescent and their eyes glow light green like seaglass.
The biggest themes are fate, music, the ocean, and the main character's self-discovery.

Words that I would use to describe my vision for the cover:
Mysterious, alluring (but not overtly sexual), feminine (but not girly), ethereal, mystical, timeless, subtly ominous, powerful, haunting

I don't want the cover overly cluttered. I just want it to be a striking image, something that catches the eye and is intriguing. I want the image of a woman, but I don't want discernible facial features. I would like to see music notes woven in, either in overlaid graphics or in the background. I like cool colors, and especially envision blues, greens, aquas, black, grey.

Some ideas that I have for the cover (though I am not completely tied to these) are:

A) The silhouette of a woman, from the back or the side, standing on a cliff overlooking the ocean and wearing a dress that is blowing in the wind and music notes are either woven into the dress or blowing from the dress in some way.

B) The naked back of a woman, waist deep in the ocean and the water has a magical or glowing quality, or waves colliding. (When the sirens are called, their transformation occurs because there is a magical force in the water that gives them their power).

C) A figure of a woman with a hand stretched out to the sea. Subtly magical in some way.

Things I do NOT want for my cover:
Zombies, Vampires, Super sexed-up women, NO MERMAIDS (Sirens do NOT have tails), anything that looks like a historical romance novel (i.e. Fabio).

Covers that I like: Impossible, by Nancy Werlin; The Brightest Kind of Darkness by P.T Michelle, Mesmerized by Julia Crane.

-I tend to lean more towards photographic covers than illustrated covers (or cartoons)

-I have need the back book cover blurb to be included on the book. I've attached it here.

I am really open to your creativity and invite questions if you have any specific questions about the story or character or my vision. I can't wait to see your designs!





I can't communicate enough that this is NOT a MERMAID book. Please, no mermaids. Keep in mind also that the target audience is young women, ages 12 to 25.