pc-facile.com needs a new banner ad

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Contest title


pc-facile.com needs a new banner ad


We're a tech news website

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Organization name


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We're a tech news website.



Content details


We have set up an online hacking competition called "Hackme challenge" where users have to progress through 20 levels of hacking puzzles.

We have also set up a cypher cracking competition called "Codebreak", where users have to face 10 levels of historically contextualised cyphers (Ceaser cypher during the Gaul wars, the Enigma machine as used by Rommel, one time pads and Kim Philby, the kamasutra code and Queen Elizabeth I, Vigenere code and Napoleon, Stegonography as used by modern day terrorists...)

For each of the two competitions, I need a 700 x 350px banner to act as the official image of the competition.The name of the competition must be on each banner. There would also need to be "images" that explain "hacking" or the various types of codebreaking.

Once the winner has been chosen I will need the original PSD and the best quality JPG under 100Kb.

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