Jr Hockey Recruit Banner Ad

Jwires picked a winning design in their banner ad contest. For just CA$145 they received 110 designs from 21 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Jr Hockey Recruit Banner Ad


A website focused on helping minor and jr ice hockey players get recruited to play in the NCAA and CHL or go pro

Background information

Organization name

Jr Hockey Recruit

Description of the organization and its target audience

A website focused on helping minor and jr ice hockey players get recruited to play in the NCAA and CHL or go pro.



Content details


Please see for the look and feel of our site.

The banner is going to take up the entire top portion of the website. It must be 970px - 115px and MUST INCLUDE OUR SITE LOGO (ATTACHED). The logo should be transparent so that the white background shows.

Please use the .eps or .ai file as a starting point.

The logo should be left justified (ie. on the top left side of the page) and can be pushed right over (not like it is now.. rights now its indented bit and I don't' like it)

For the right side of the banner I want you to get creative. Because the file will be uploaded into the header I can't have it be clicked to go to a new page.... clicking this banner will just take you to our sites home page. In order to encourage followers I'd like an arrow or some indication that to follow us on Facebook they can click just below the right side of the banner where our twitter and Facebook buttons are.

THe sole purpose of the banner is to encourage people to follow us on Facebook. We have decent site traffic but have trouble retaining them as users and getting them to subscribe via Facebook.

The design should be simple, modern and bold. It needs to be suitable for a white background. I really want this to look good and match the look and feel of the site but at the same time -- stand out a bit.

At this point, we are a young company focusing primarily on building a social media following.

If its just a matter of adding different text to a design, I'd appreciate designers that are willing to alternate text (ie. provide a few banners). The text as follows:

1. Want to Get Recruited? Follow Us
2. Like Us and Get Recruited
3. Join Our Community
4. Follow Us and Get Recruited
5.. Subscribe and Get Recruited

The different text is simply because I am not sure what will convert the most traffic to fans.

Please feel free to use images. If you need stock photos contact me and we can discuss purchasing them. But overall get creative, that's what I am paying you for... I just don't have it.

If you have any suggestions for changes or ways to improve my design specs I'd love to hear them. I am by no means a marketing guy.

Look forward to seeing your designs.


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