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Contest title


Jewelry Banners


Not specified

Background information


Mainly women, I am aiming at a younger crowd 20-30 yr olds for our retail market, also target onsellers who are mainly men 30-40.

Brand Name

Jewelry Site

Brief Summary

Aiming to give consumers wholesale priced elegant jewelry from all over the world. Mainly dealing in precious stone jewelry, gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald and other brightly colored stones.

Content details


Hello I am in need of 4 banner designs for use on my jewelry website. The site is soft sky blues, whites and grays; I think having a bit of color splashed in the banners may look good. The site is undergoing a makeover at present so I can't showcase it online, I'd like for the banners to be different to the site so they stand out anyway :) The 4 different banners will need to be 720px by 145px. These are generic without logos, I'll be using them as future templates as well. Images can be stock imagery requiring purchase or if they are free images there must not be any copyright infringing. You may use any colors, styled type fonts and an elegant but striking theme is preferred, fonts must be readable. You may include pictures of jewelry, loose gemstones and also women. Images are to be of nice/classy looking jewelry and not self made trinkets. The following 4 static banners are needed: 1x Welcome to our site 1x Free shipping on all orders over $300 1x Grand Opening - Win this stunning diamond ring 1x Deal of the week - Lovely silver pendant only $100 and free shipping For example banner feels, please look at websites such as: That's all the detail needed really as I'd like to see what other artistic people like yourselves can come up with :) Thanks and looking forward to your beautiful designs!

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