Hotel website fanpage images for Facebook

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Hotel website fanpage images for Facebook


Needing attractive images to promote Facebook likes!

Background information

Organization name

Description of the organization and its target audience

Sells hotel reservations online

Content details


We are going to run a sweepstakes on our Facebook page ( in order to attract fans initially. Here are details of what I need....

1. Need landing image for users coming to fan page. Image needs to be 520 x 650 pixels. Main focus will be to get the point across of our sweepstakes giveaway which will be titled "Relax in Luxury Sweepstakes" and the user will have to like our page in order to enter to win. I prefer some sort of visual pointers that cause the user to look towards the top where the like button is. I like how Red Bull ( does their page as it is simple and the use of the imagery to drive eyeballs up to the like button. I also prefer the pointing features (or however that is done) to be spread out like Red Bull so I don't have to worry about one particular arrow pointing directly at the middle of our like button (it seems to vary a little based on resolution). I'd also like to reference our domain name in here as well (

2. After the user "likes" the page, they will see another image that details the sweepstakes a little more. This image needs to be the same size (520 x 650 pixels). Here we need to reference the "Relax in Luxury Sweepstakes" again, the domain name again ( and some kind of text that says "Complete the form below for your chance to win's Relax in Luxury Sweepstakes". One lucky fan will have the opportunity to stay at any 4-5 star hotel in the US absolutely free!

see sweepstake rules for further details should be added somewhere around this and be less apparant than the sentence above but still noticeable.

3. Would also need a thank you image that basically tells the user thanks for entering. Would like to show the "Relax in Luxury Sweepstakes" somewhere on this image as well as the domain name ( Image also needs to be 520 x 650 pixels.

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