Header for Non-Profit Website

Yoga Bear picked a winning design in their banner ad contest. For just $154 they received 55 designs from 29 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Header for Non-Profit Website


Make a welcoming, elegant header for a great cause!

Background information


Cancer patients and survivors, yoga teachers, and donors. Mostly women.

Brand Name

Yoga Bear

Brief Summary

Yoga Bear is a non-profit organization providing free yoga to cancer patients and survivors through offline and online classes.

Content details


We are looking for a more inviting, impressive, elegant banner for the top of our website ( - Please use this green color (#8EC978) as much as possible, but feel free to add other colors to add personality. - We'd like a white background that blends into the white sidebars. - Must have the name of the organization, YOGA BEAR - Would be nice to include the bear if possible, but not a requirement - The feel should be warm, playful, and inviting - Nothing too flashy or complicated - 925px is the maximum image width We really love the layers and modern look of the banner on this site: And love the clean, crisp look of this site: And the layers and subtle shadowing of this banner:

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