Free Breast Implants

Joe_26 picked a winning design in their banner ad contest. For just $202 they received 116 designs from 29 designers.

I liked the ability to have different designers from around the world submit. 99designs doesn't limit you to one designer or one company.
- Joe G. Olivares Jr., Will Work For Implants

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Free Breast Implants

Subtitle advertisment web banner

Background information


Men between 25-55 years of age Women 18-34 years of age

Brand Name

Will Work For Implants

Brief Summary

We are a web community dedicated to helping women improve their self esteem by getting free breast implants. Our website helps women on their journey by introducing them to men online willing to send these women online donations. In exchange for the donations men can receive custom pictures, videos, or even get to talk to the women through community web cam or private 1 on 1 web cam. Our website is truely unique, and allows anyone woman the opportunity to get a procedure normally she may not be able to afford. Think of FaceBook gone wild! The site is 100% FREE for the women, and men join with a small monthly subscription. Our site is scheduled to launch in 3 weeks. You can also checkout our fan page on Facebook.

Content details


Just looking for something fun and creative. Not a lot of restrictions here. Just make sure it is PG enough that it can be posted on any website for advertising purpose. I have added 3 photos that you can use of our model but not neccessary. The main requirement is the banner has to be one of the three sizes, 300x250, 160x600, or 728x90. Would be great if winner could provide the winning banner in all three sizes but not required.

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