Brochure design for Startup Business: An online Think-Tank


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Contest title


Brochure design for Startup Business: An online Think-Tank


Brochure needed for Crowdsourcing Platform

Background information


Companies. Innovation departments or recruitment departments. Keep in mind that they are unfamiliar with the concept. Words that characterize - Intelligent / smart - Innovative The layout should be: - Clean - Simple - Professional

Brand Name


Brief Summary

Brainrack is an online brainstorm platform. Companies post a challenge, provide reward money and receive hundreds of ideas from university students. It’s like 99designs, although not designs are generated, but ideas.

Content details


It's gonna be a brochure of 11" - 17" single folds. (…#brochures) Page 1: Cover page (Logo, and this tag line: Open innovation to support your business) Page 2: Information (see attachment) Page 3: Information (see attachment) Page 4: Back page (Maybe a logo, just something nice) I suggest you spread the information in the file over page 2 and 3. The brochure will be printed on glossy paper in high definition full color. We encourage you to find suitable images. With suitable I'm thinking of something that relates to crowdsourcing or innovation. Please deliver a PSD format. Please send us a message if something is unclear in any way. We’ll respond often within a few hours. Good luck!