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New banner ad wanted for DIY Decorating Guru


I have an interior design business that I am now targeting a niche market

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DIY Decorating Guru

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I have an interior design business that I am now targeting a niche market. I am going after the DIY crowd, the Lowes and Home Depot Crowd. I offer 2 hour blocks of consulting where I go in and they have a list of questions for me to answer. DIY clients love to shop and plan and do a lot of the work themselves, but need help with scale, pulling things together, reading plans, doing floorplans, advice on actual work, materials, etc. I provide answers to all of thier questions - regardless of topic. I have all areas covered - from construction, acrchitecture, colors, shopping, materials, resources, getting permitss and processes... etc. THEY HIRE A PROFESSIONAL JUST FOR THE QUESTIONS THAT THEY HAVE and do the rest themselves....



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I need the logo/design with my business name....

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DIY Decorating Guru

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Here for you when you need a little expert advice

 I need something that stands out. I need it to stand apart from other designs. I need it to be recognizable. I need a statement piece. More than just playing with fonts. 

I want a banner type header/ad that I can put across my website,facebook, stationairy, etc. I want one theme and look for ALL of my items. So, my logo will come from this as well. But, I want my branding to cross over to many formats. This is the beginning and I will request more after this one.

My colors are either in the rich spice tones OR purple, red, saturated colors. 

I don't want it to be too kitchy. I have thought about using my own image. Either a graphic or real photo inset. I like it to be a bit feminine. I am including one example below that I really like the look of.  I don't want it to look too corporate, dark or stoggy. However, I am classy, sophisticated, creative and don't want it to be sexy. That is not my market. My target market is "Middle America". Mostly women and couples in their early thirties to late forties. 

I am going to upload a few photos of me so that you get a feel for what I look like.

Here are a couple that are appealing to me.

This person has a playful spirit. There are lots of different things that are playing with each other like the flower/chair that she is sitting on, the font is nice, colors are great!

This person has consistent branding with everything she does and that's the direction that I want to go

SINCE I JUST GOT AN EMAIL FROM SOMEONE OUTSIDE OF THE US... I thought that I would define DIY. DIY= Do it Yourself. It is a term used to describe homeowners that like to decorate or do construction projects on their own homes. They don't hire professionals. They like to do the work themselves. I hope that helps.....



I am open. I like clean but artsy designs. Nothing too cluttered. The link above is very similar to my style.