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banner ad for Vitality 4 Life


Company Background 22 years ago, our company’s founder, Roger Akins began design

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Vitality 4 Life

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Company Background
22 years ago, our company’s founder, Roger Akins began designing and distributing quality Living Juice extractors for the Australian market.
During the early years, Vitality 4 Life developed the concept of living juice in association with such organisations as the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, USA.
Since this time consumer awareness has developed significantly; a tiny alternative niche has now become mainstream.
Vitality 4 Life has pioneered the introduction of cold press juice extractors to the Western World and now exports to UK, Europe, Canada, USA and NZ.
We are encouraged that our Vitality 4 Life ‘Approved Product’ range is regarded as the finest in the world.
Our selection criteria remain simple;
The product must offer the customer superior value and quality, deliver genuine health benefits and be made in a way that recognises the scarcity of our planets resources.
During the past 22 years we have never forgotten why we started Vitality 4 Life and our belief in the healing power of living food, living juice, pure water, fresh air and sunshine.



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A Series of 8 Web Banners for Affiliate Marketing
Banner 1. 150x38
Banner 2. 468x60
Banner 3. 250x250
Banner 4. 350x350
Banner 5. 120x600
Banner 6. 120x90
Banner 7. 120x60
Banner 8. 120x240

To start with, we only expect 1-4 banners per entry and then once in the final rounds, when we are close to attaining the look & feel we want, then we would expect the various sizes to come through as part of the final submissions

Another option to submitting all the different sizes, would be to submit different concepts and then we can resize them ourselves, for example...

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