Banner ad for Unigo's College page (e.g.


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Contest title


Banner ad for Unigo's College page (e.g.


We offer free and premium resources to college-bound high school students and their parents

Background information

Organization name

Unigo (

Description of the organization and its target audience

We offer free and premium resources to college-bound high school students and their parents. Our target consumer however, is the parent.



Content details


We are seeking a designer to create a dynamic advertising module that will appear on multiple pages throughout our site. The module will advertise Unigo’s video chat services: Unigo provides a platform that connects college-bound students with counseling experts through a video chat interface.

The ad module will appear in the space you see in the mock that's marked, "This space is where your ad will go!" This should give you some direction as to what kind of placement and treatment we are looking for. Specifically, the module should have the following features:
- A large, attractive graphic or photo of a user engaged in a Skype-like video chat;
- Text next to the user that says, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In augue augue, convallis sit amet facilisis ut, consequat non diam. "
- An attractive call-to-action button that says, “View Experts”
- The ad should fit seamlessly on a white background (as pictured in the attached mock)
- Even though the mock has a red border around the ad, your design DOES NOT NEED A BORDER. Only use a border if you think it works creatively with your design.

Technical Requirements:
1. We need exact dimensions of 400 x 200 (400 pixels wide, 200 pixels tall).
2. The ad module should fit in seamlessly on a white background. Please try to stick to web-safe or system fonts, as the copy in the ad will be dynamically generated text.



The target audience for this ad is mothers between 35-55, who has an upper to middle range house-hold income, and a child on their way to college in the next 1-3 years. The images need to look trustworthy and not too "stock."