banner ad for Dental Destinations

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


banner ad for Dental Destinations


Pair up US patients looking for affordable dental care in Algodones, Mexico

Background information

Organization name

Dental Destinations

Description of the organization and its target audience

Pair up US patients looking for affordable dental care in Algodones, Mexico. Most of the clients will come from arizona or california.

Care is generally 75% less than in the US.

Basically, people looking for low cost dental care


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Content details


Landing page is
We have a second version that is attached in a document

so design has to be consistent not to confuse the visitor from ad > Landing page

Banner should have
Elements of a Banner Ad
1) Headline
2) Subheadline
3) Image
4) Call to Action

Need Expensive Dental?
Save 75% in Mexico
See Prices

Message can be anywhere from aspirational to shock imagery like before and after. It should look higher class, since we are talking about Dental

Gif or static.

Target marketing is for 45-65 male/female in the US. Probably have some apprehension about dental care in Mexico. We have a US dentist led inspections program.

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