app design for Ready Speak, LLC

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


app design for Ready Speak, LLC


We create software, apps, and pursue other areas of business

Background information

Organization name

Ready Speak, LLC

Description of the organization and its target audience

We create software, apps, and pursue other areas of business.

Content details


We have developed a template app that we can use for a whole series of apps to be published in the iTunes app store. The app series is named "Check out My..." and there will be several apps in the series, for example:

Check out My Mustache
Check out My Tattoo
Check out My Girlfriend

Most of the graphic design should be generic to the series rather than specific to the particular app we are building. I would like to be able to reuse most of the art and only change the logo area on the home screen. Each app would also have a different icon. With this in mind, please do your design for the "Check out my Mustache" app.

As a start, please see the attached examples of screenshots from the template app. All graphics are simply place-holders for the graphics you will design. The layout of the app is already created, so please make the buttons or areas you touch or click in your design in the correct location. All buttons, logos, backgrounds, etc., can be swapped out easily, and all graphics support full-alpha transparent PNG files.

The design should be fun and professional looking. We are not good graphic designers, and you are the expert! Please take any artistic liberties you want. Make sure all art is suitable for commercial use.

Here are some details:
The app name on the user's phone will show up as "Check out My" and the app icon should say (or show) "Mustache" or "Tattoo".

For the logo, I would like it if the part that says "Check out my" can be integrated into each version of the app, so that there is a consistent look. The word "Mustache" can obviously be specific to this app. The rest of the logo can be specific to the app, too.

In the final product, each image must have two resolutions provided, one double the resolution of the other to support the retina display (same image name with @2x after the name. Each image must be a PNG file.

I can provide all the template graphics separated out for reference.

There is also one full-screen graphic that should say "Sorry, you need Internet access to continue." They can click anywhere on this screen to go back.

There are a few minor screens not shown in the attached images. They contain simple "back" buttons and a top bar like most iPhone application has. It is a PNG file with a "back" button included in the image.

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